February 10, 2021

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Central

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Exclusive Avaya Roadmaps

Join us for IAUG's second annual online virtual event: IAUG Wired. Avaya will deliver their 2021 product roadmaps exclusively to IAUG Wired Attendees! We will deliver highly interactive, 3D virtual environments, breakout sessions, and interactive partner exhibits within the show floor. The best part about this event is that it is completely virtual, you can experience it all from anywhere!

Attendees will enjoy a lineup of experts in the Avaya ecosystem who will be prepared to share their knowledge and expertise during sessions and live Q&As. Keep an eye on our website as more of the agenda and activities are revealed.

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Why Should You Attend IAUG Wired?

  •  Access exclusive Avaya Roadmaps for 2021
  • Hear the latest Avaya news and updates during breakout sessions and live Q&As
  • Connect with your community through online chats with Avaya experts and IAUG leaders
  • Meet our partners and discover new solutions by visiting exhibitors' virtual booths
  • Take away educational materials and downloadable resources
  • Win fantastic prizes and much more!


February 10

2021-02-10 09:15:00

Avaya Opening Statement

2021-02-10 10:05:00

Avaya Roadmap: Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Mike Butts & Diane Otto | Avaya

2021-02-10 10:05:00

Avaya Roadmap: Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS): Avaya Cloud Office (ACO)

Scott Hanwell & Oliver Bengtsson | Avaya

2021-02-10 10:05:00

Avaya Roadmap: Subscription/Private

Steve Brock | Avaya

2021-02-10 11:45:00

Are You Cloud Prepared?

Jayne Hogle - Sr Manager Unified Communication, American Heart Association

Migrating to the Cloud is becoming a high priority for many organizations. In this session, we will analyze several different areas of your telecom ecosystem that can slow your cloud adoption plans. One area that will be covered is how to discover feature functionality that your business needs to right-size your environment to reduce excessive licensing costs. There are also several considerations if you still have legacy equipment in your organization. This session will include how to model an ROI for maximum return on your investment.

2021-02-10 11:45:00

Avaya Spaces - User Experience with Anna DiFilippo

Anna DiFilippo - Senior Technical Support Analyst, McMaster University, UTS/Telecommunications

Avaya Spaces, what is all the buzz about this collaborative tool? There are so many applications out there, what's the difference with SPACES? Working from home gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into SPACES and appreciate the functionality, not to mention how user friendly & easy this application is to work with. From a user perspective, I would like to share my experiences with using SPACES for meetings, using the chat feature, working on projects, sharing and collaborating with others and even using it directly from the AVAYA IX WORKPLACE softphone.

2021-02-10 11:45:00

SIP: The Prescription for Ailing Environments

Jeff Dhaenens - Team Leader- Network & Telecom, Volkswagen Group of America

Are you still using PRI’s and struggling to convert to SIP?  Having a hard time making an argument why to convert to SIP?  Here are some real world lessons learned in design, benefits learned from a customer’s experience.  Hear how one company has reduced costs, added resiliency, and infrastructure flexibility.

Key Takeaways:

• Lessons learned in SIP/VoIP design

• Not all SIP carriers are the same – what questions to ask

• Real examples of SIP use – and saving the day

2021-02-10 12:45:00

Part 1: Tips, tricks, and challenges of operating a contact center in a remote environment.

Presented by members of the IAUG CX Council:
Mary Doran | Scott Burns | Deb Hofbauer | Chris Garcia | Desirae Allen | Ruth Abercrombie"

2021-02-10 12:45:00

911 Solutions—Proactive or Reactive Approach

Thomas Dietrich - Telecommunications & Unified Communication Operations, Washington State Department of Transportation

This session will discuss 911 solutions, provide rationale about adopting a 911 solution, and provide real experiences with the deployment and day-to-day use of the technologies from the perspective of a public agency.

Discussion may include:

• Providing emergency calling ability for teleworkers

• Providing on-site notification, how it is used, and how it does make a difference

• Providing examples and use cases of emergency calling from public phones and how the notifications work to alert Traffic Management

Centers along with PSAP’s Attendees of this session will have working examples as a demonstration of a variety of ways to comply with Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act. Attendees will also understand the need to continue to advocate for 911 and public safety awareness with the understanding that enabling and implementing emergency call handling features is an expected service by employees and the public.

2021-02-10 12:45:00

Understanding AADS - The basics

Paul Leatherman - Chair of the Emerging Technologies Council & EVP & Chief Technology Officer, Communication Resources Inc. (CRI)

In this session you will get a high level view of what AADS does and how it works as the centralized "Device Services" solution. We will walk through the basics on requirements for implementation and administration and learn about the newer features like Spaces integration. Overall, you will understand how LDAP provides a seamless client experience.

2021-02-10 13:15:00

Part 2: Tips, tricks, and challenges of operating a contact center in a remote environment.

Presented by members of the IAUG CX Council:
Mary Doran | Scott Burns | Deb Hofbauer | Chris Garcia | Desirae Allen | Ruth Abercrombie"

2021-02-10 13:15:00

What’s New in Aura 8.1.3

Nick Kwiatkowski - Sr. Telecom Engineer & Manager of the Unified Communications Team | Michigan State University

2021-02-10 14:15:00

Avaya Roadmap: Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS)

Davide Petramala | Avaya

2021-02-10 14:15:00

Avaya Roadmap: Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS): Avaya Spaces

Roger Wallman | Avaya

2021-02-10 14:15:00

Avaya Roadmap: Devices as a Service (DaaS)

Steve Brock | Avaya

2021-02-10 15:00:00

Closing Keynote


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